November 2022 Update

The effort to identify and budget for additional downtown parking comes after an extensive public input process, research, and the adoption of the 2022 Downtown Parking Plan. In all, the Town of Windsor has identified over 361+ new parking spaces.

Here is a summary of newly identified downtown parking opportunities:

Location Additional Spaces (361+) Anticipated Completion
6th Street Windsor Lake Corridor On-Street Parking
140 Spaces Completed Summer 2022
Ash Street Parking Lot 52 Spaces Spring 2023
106 6th Street Lot TBD TBD
Boardwalk Park Museum Lot 41 Spaces Spring 2023
Windsor Lake Birch Street Lot 28 Spaces Spring 2023
Downtown Business Shared Use Lots 100+ Spaces Spring 2023

6th Street Windsor Lake Corridor On-Street Parking - Over the summer, 140 spaces were identified and created using existing on-street space throughout the 6th Street Windsor Lake corridor between Main St. and Cedar Street. Parallel spaces were designated in locations adjacent to residential access. New angled on-street public parking spaces were added.

Ash Street Parking Lot & 106 6th Street Lot Map

Ash Street Parking Lot & 106 6th Street Lot - In September 2022, the Town of Windsor closed on two properties: one on Ash Street located directly north and adjacent to Main Street businesses; and a property at 106-6th Street which is located across the street from the American Legion. Both properties are slated for future parking. The Ash Street public parking lot is budgeted for development in 2023 with anticipated completion by Memorial Day. It adds 52 free public parking spaces. The 106-6th Street property will be developed into public parking further into the future.

Boardwalk Park Museum Lot Map

Boardwalk Park Museum Lot - Town staff also identified additional parking between the Windsor Severance Fire Museum and the Windsor History Museum at Boardwalk Park. The new lot, will provide 41 new free public parking spaces, just north of the railroad tracks, providing convenient access to the museums, and negating the need to cross railroad tracks to attend popular events at Boardwalk Park. It makes use of space that was previously unused. The town is also working to create accessible spaces adjacent to Boardwalk Park at the 5th Street roundabout entrance.

Windsor Lake Birch Street Lot Map

Windsor Lake Birch Street Lot - Visit Windsor Lake’s Birch Street parking lot during the summer months with its direct access to the swim beach, walking trail, fishing pier, concession stand, playground, and boat launch access, and surely, the lot is likely full. The Windsor Lake Birch Street parking lot will expand in 2023 with the addition of 28 new parking spaces. The expansion will not have a negative impact current dedicated recreational space. Instead, the town is turning a landscape median and expanding a portion of the property into usable parking.

Downtown Business Shared Use Lots

Downtown Business Shared Use Lots - Last, and probably the largest positive impact on downtown parking, is a shared-use agreement that would support turning over 100 private business parking spaces into free public parking opportunities. The lots are located on the south side of Main Street in the 400-500 block and the 500-600 block. To the benefit of businesses, the Town of Windsor would help with operating and maintaining the shared-use lots, taking that burden off of property owners. To the benefit of the town, visitors could access and utilize dedicated free public parking spaces, conveniently located on the south side of Main St. This effort supports the adopted Downtown Parking Plan by providing improved and dispersed parking throughout the downtown corridor to the benefit of all downtown businesses. Property owners are currently reviewing agreements.

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