Energy Efficiency and Savings Opportunities for Windsor Businesses and Institutions

Explore resources from Xcel Energy, Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association (PVREA), and Atmos Energy for ways to save money at your business while improving energy efficiency and investing in renewable energy resources.

Xcel Energy Programs and Resources

Energy Efficiency Resources: Not sure where to start when it comes to making your business or institution more energy efficient? Check out these Xcel Energy programs and resources for rebates, savings, and efficiency opportunities!

  • Small Business Energy Solutions: Xcel Energy offers a free assessment and money back on energy-efficient updates for small to midsize businesses! Benefits include advice on energy efficiency and how to lower your bill, free energy-efficiency products such as LED lighting, aerators, pipe insulation, and thermostats, and reimbursed costs for energy-saving improvements.
  • Energy Assessment: For businesses of any size, energy assessment from Xcel Energy can help you identify energy and money-saving opportunities. Discover improvements throughout your whole building! Visit to see which assessment is right for your business.
  • Equipment Efficiency: Get help with the cost of lighting, heating, cooling, HVAC, and more equipment while saving energy. Xcel Energy offers rebates and savings for the following:
    1. Business lighting
    2. HVAC-R systems and parts
    3. Food service equipment
    4. Clean water pumps
    5. Commercial refrigeration
    6. Compressed air
    7. Computer equipment
    8. Energy management systems
    9. Cooling
    10. Heating
    11. Heat pumps

Visit to explore more details.

  • Strategic Energy Management: Increase your energy efficiency, productivity, and reliability with data analytics and consulting services. Xcel Energy will help to enable energy-intensive businesses to significantly reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint and increase their sustainability.
  • Energy Efficiency Financing for Business: Xcel Energy offers tailored, one-stop financing solutions for energy-efficient upgrades through the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF).

Renewable Energy Resources: Interested in harnessing renewable energy? Look into these options offered by Xcel Energy to tap into solar and wind energy with and without panel installation.

  • Solar*Rewards: Generate electricity at your business or institution through solar panel installation and sell energy you don’t use back to Xcel Energy. Explore the website to learn more about eligibility, installation, incentives, and programs.
  • Solar*Rewards Community: Participate in renewable energy offerings without installing solar panels by supporting the development of a nearby community solar garden. Once subscribed, you will begin receiving credits on monthly utility bills.
  • Renewable*Connect Flex: Enroll in clean energy from wind and solar sources without the need to install equipment. This is an easy and affordable way to power your business with renewable energy and potentially save on energy bills.

Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association (PVREA) Programs and Resources

Energy Efficiency Resources: Looking to make your business more energy efficient? PVREA offers tips, programs, and rebates to help you get started.

  • Rebates for Business Members: PVREA offers many rebates to help lower the upfront investment cost of purchasing electric products and appliances. Rebates exist for heating and cooling, LED lighting, smart thermostats, commercial and industrial motors, and more!
  • Strategic Electrification: Power your business processes with electricity instead of fossil fuels through strategic, or beneficial, electrification! PVREA offers programs and services to help achieve your business’ energy efficiency goals.
  • Energy Tools and Tips: Understand ways to reduce your business’ energy use to save money! Learn about hidden energy losses in your facility and tips to save energy in your business or institution.
  • Energy Load Graph: View the current total demand on PVREA’s electric grid as consumed by all members and find information on when to reduce your usage to limit peak demand on your system.

Renewable Energy Resources: Curious about renewable energy for your business? PVREA offers programs to participate in solar, wind, and hydroelectric power without installation.

  • Community Solar: Benefit from clean, renewable energy, produced locally in Northern Colorado without solar panel installation. Energy produced by your subscription is credited to your monthly bill in this affordable, easy, and convenient program.

Atmos Energy Programs and Resources

Energy Efficiency Resources: Interested in making your business more energy efficient? Atmos Energy offers rebates and tips to get you started.

  • SmartChoice Rebates: Businesses and foodservice customers can get cash back with rebates from SmartChoice on high efficiency natural gas appliances, building upgrades, and smart thermostats. Additionally, larger businesses may be eligible for Colorado’s Custom Energy-Efficiency Program. Learn more at
  • Energy Saving Tips: Conserve energy and save emissions with these energy saving tips for your business or institution.
  • Resources for Foodservice Professionals: The Blue Flame Alliance is a free resource for commercial kitchens and foodservice companies to find information on how to improve efficiency, learn about natural gas equipment, and more!
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