High Impact Areas

North Campus

North Campus Construction Aerial

In 2024, the Windsor North Campus is set for a noteworthy expansion. The site is adjacent to the current Public Services Campus on the west side of WCR 15. The North Campus is the future home of the Windsor Police Department as well as Windsor Middle School, both of which are currently under construction.

Additionally, plans are being laid out for the establishment of a future 58-acre community park, alongside the projected extension of Windsor Lake Rd. (WCR 70). For 2024, a budget of $3.54 million has been allocated for infrastructure improvements in the area, which will primarily be directed towards improvements on WCR 15 and the extension of Windsor Lake Rd. (WCR 70) west of WCR 15 which will eventually connect to Colorado Blvd.

In addition to roadway improvements to accommodate increased traffic, there will also be utility work, street lighting, and installation of irrigation and landscaping.

Projects in this Impact Area

Chestnut St. to Garden Dr. Drainage

Chestnut Street to Garden Drive Drainage

The Chestnut St. to Garden Dr. Drainage Improvements project is phase II of the overall Chestnut St. to Eastman Park Dr. Drainage Improvements project. The project is an effort to mitigate flood concerns in an area generally located west of CO 257, south of Chestnut St., north of Eastman Park Dr., and east of Columbine Dr.

The project will also reduce flooding along Chimney Park Dr. from Walnut St. to Chimney Park Pool. Flood risk is expected to be lowered to less than one percent annual flood risk (100-year flooding) for roughly 56 structures that currently have moderate to high risk of flooding. Street flooding risk will also be reduced for a number of streets located in the described benefit area. 

Phase I of the project included storm line improvements on 1st St., Garden Dr. and expansion of the Folkstone Detention Pond, which was completed in 2020. Work will include the construction of stormwater infrastructure designed to collect stormwater along Chimney Park Dr., Chestnut St. and Garden Dr., and route it to the recently expanded Folkstone Detention Pond. Improvements will also be constructed at Chimney Park Detention Pond which will result in flood reduction along Chimney Park Dr. The goal of this project is to reroute flood potential away from homes and streets.

Projects in this Impact Area

11th St. Corridor

11th Street Corridor Aerial

The projects in this area are aimed at improving the multimodal connectivity between the New Windsor and Riverbend neighborhoods. The gap, once completed, will improve connectivity at key destinations in the area—including the Community Recreation Center, existing Police Station and Windsor High School—for people walking and biking. During a normal day, hundreds of pedestrians and cyclists traverse this area to get to their destinations. Improving the roadway with new bike lanes, sidewalks and crossing opportunities will enhance the usage and provide a higher level of safety for all users.

Improvements include new bicycle lane signage, pavement marking changes, existing pedestrian signal modifications, raised medians and intersection improvements along the corridor including the Main St. (CO 392) intersection.

These efforts to improve modes of transportation, while improving safety and reducing emissions are in conformance with all of the regional and local transportation plans. The proposed plans have been coordinated with Windsor High School, Windsor Police Department and the Community Recreation Center.

Projects in this Impact Area

7th St. Multimodal Corridor

7th Street Multimodal Corridor

In 2021, the Town of Windsor completed the 7th St. Multimodal Study, which identified numerous basic and enhanced improvements to 7th St. between Main St. and Eastman Park Dr. The improvements recommended by the study are aimed at improving safety for vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians and other modes of transportation, reducing traffic congestion and improving general connectivity from north to south.

In the short term for 2024, the town will be hardening the safety improvements that were made in 2022 to the intersection of 7th St. and Walnut St., as well as making significant repairs to the 7th St. bridge crossing the Cache La Poudre River just south of Eastman Park Dr. Both projects will cause significant traffic impacts, with the latter requiring a six- to eight-week closure of 7th St. while the road deck of the bridge is removed and replaced. 

Looking beyond 2024, staff continue to evaluate options for funding of the major enhancements planned for the corridor, which include two roundabouts (at the intersections of Garden Dr. and Stone Mountain Dr.), a multi-use path, parking improvements, pedestrian refuge islands, and enhanced landscaping. Currently these enhancements are in the design phase and will not be part of the construction schedule this year

Projects in this Impact Area

Eastman Park South

Eastman Park South Aerial

As part of a long-term to plan to expand recreational opportunities at Eastman Park, Phase II of the project—also known as Eastman Park South—has entered the construction phase as of late last year. 

The existing portion of the Eastman Park River Experience serves as the only public access to the Cache la Poudre River in Windsor and offers a captivating one-mile float along the river, scenic overlook and additional parking on the river’s north side. 

Phase II of the Eastman Park River Experience—being done in collaboration with the Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP)—will expand recreational opportunities to the south of the river, as well as create nine acres of wetland habitat with a boardwalk so residents can immerse themselves in a healthy native riparian habitat. The project will also add Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) access to the Eastman Park River Experience river float and a new section of the Poudre River Trail to bypass the Treasure Island Demonstration Garden, allowing for a safer and quieter experience on the existing path on the east side of the garden and more space for a walking classroom type setting. 

During construction, trail, disc golf and recreation program participants must use parking north of the river.

Projects in this Impact Area